CML Advocates Network statement supporting fellow members and patients in Ukraine.

25 Feb 2022 - 16:02

The CML Advocates Network is an active network specifically for leaders of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) patient groups, connecting 128 patient organisations in 93 countries on all continents. It was set-up and is run by CML patients

In the light of recent geopolitical events in Ukraine we fully support our members and patients and families living with CML.

Following the recent COVID-19 pandemic during which care for so many patients living with cancer has undeniably suffered it is unfortunate that the recent series of events has ocurred and will certainly prolong the effects on those living with cancer and with CML in Ukraine.

As a patient-led global organisation it has always been our belief that disease has no borders and we have always working together both within CML and with the wider patient community to advance the voice of those who have been touched by disease and their families in order to highlight its effect on society.

We stand by our fellow members and patients in Ukraine and with wider global community in asking for common sense and diplomacy to prevail so that normal people living their lives can continue as such and in particular those who find themselves living with cancer and in our case CML can access the care and treatment that they fundamentally need.

As CML Advocates Network we stand by our members and their families and the wider medical community affected during these times.

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