EHA 2023 CML AN Conference Report

7 Aug 2023 - 10:08

The 28th EHA Congress was held in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 8-11, 2023, and continued virtually on June 14-15, 2023.

Representatives from the CML Advocates Network attended the Congress and participated in several activities and sessions. Our co-founder Jan Geissler gave a presentation on the patients’ perspective on designing novel clinical trials; and chaired Session I of the Patient Joint Symposium. Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, a member of our Steering Committee was part of the Panel discussion on patient-generated evidence in access; and chaired Session II of the Patient Joint Symposium. Our CML-CAB member Lisa Machado was invited to the Novartis-sponsored satellite symposium titled: CML is not solved: Transforming treatment expectations and patient outcomes. Other CML-CAB member Felice Bombaci was invited to talk about the meaning of PROs for patients with HMs in the Quality-of-Life session.

Other patient advocates and staff members were also there, like Denis Costello, Bahija Gouimi, Gerald
Clements, Giora Sharf, Jana Pelouchová, Pat García-González, Felipe Tapia, Toni Montserrat, Özgün Tansöker, Cornelia Borowczak, Nicole Schröter, Lidija Pecova, Nikola Nikolov, Marija Stefkova, Ivana Angelovska, and Eglys González.

We present the conference scientific report with key CML highlights of interest to the patient advocacy community HERE.

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