Arrival, departure dates and times

Arrival date: Thursday 23rd May 2024

CML Horizons 2024 will kick off on May 24 at 10:00 am local time with a CML 101 session (a must for newcomers) followed by in-person regional sessions (mandatory), and with a welcome lunch at noon before the official opening session at 13:30 local time.

Depending on traffic, you’ll need approx. 20 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel. Arrangements will be made for a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel (see details below).

We will depart either on Sunday, 26th May 2024 or on Monday, 27th May 2024, depending on the flight schedules. We recommend that flights do not depart before 16:30 on Sunday in order to be able to attend all sessions.

Travel of patient advocates, steering committee and speakers

Our team will arrange flights for the first delegate from the patient organisation, Steering Committee, as well as speakers. If this applies to you, please refrain from booking your own travel. On the registration form, please specify your preferred departure date and time, your preferred origin airport, etc. In addition, please let us know what day and time you would like to return. Taking into account the limited budget of our non-profit organization, the travel agency will do its best to book your flights based on your preferences. Getting the best available rate is important – it increases every day closer to the conference – so please complete this process as soon as possible.

It is expected that the second and third delegates from the same organisation and those from Pharma sponsors will arrange their own travel to the Vilnius International airport (e.g. flights).

Free transportation will be provided from the airport to the conference venue and back again.

After booking your flights, please provide Lidija from our management team email: with your travel details so we can arrange your local transport and accommodation accordingly. These details should be provided no later than 1 month before the meeting on 24th April 2024.

Listed below are the contact details for our travel agents All Tours:


In case of emergencies: Avigail’s mobile number +972 504 265 880 or Nimrod’s Mobile: +972 504 265 878

For any of your travel queries please copy Giora Sharf at:

Travel of sponsors representatives

You should book your own flights. Please send us your flight details so we can arrange your transfer to the hotel and book a room accordingly. You will pay for the room directly at the hotel.

For any questions, please contact Lidija our Head of Member Relations, Events & Programme Manager on email: or on Tel: +389 78388235 through WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram.