Today, Together
… is still the motto of the 2017 World CML Day campaign but we give one step more..
Today, together we are treated.
Tomorrow we need cure!

One day, one community, one life changing reality… Today, we are together to take a stand, share our needs and raise awareness!

This year again on World CML Day 9/22 leukemia patients worldwide are united to address the courage and hope required to live with chronic myeloid leukemia and are calling for access to best available treatment and care for all patients but also for the development of a cure for our disease.

This is our 10th World CML Day celebration and since 2015 we celebrate World CML Day 22/9 under the motto TODAY, TOGETHER! This time, we want to add the following to the main message: “Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow, we need cure!”

For more information about this year’s campaign you can watch in the video presentation: World CML Day 2017: Achievements and Outlook

Why “Today, Together”?


“Today” covers the CML practical/technical agenda from all audiences point of view:

*Where we are



*Best Practices

*Call to action


“Together” covers the CML community and emotional aspect, globally and in close networks around individuals:

*We are a community

*There is support

*Beyond the disease

Why “Today we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure”?

Today, we are treated

Today we are all together united and we, the patients, are mostly treated and monitored well!

Tomorrow, we need a cure

But, there is more that we want from tomorrow. We want and need cure!


To help our members communicate the umbrella message “Today, Together” for World CML Day 2017 the CML Advocates Network encourages our members to use just ONE message for all audiences:


  • General Public: Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure!
  • Patients & Relatives: Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure!
  • Health Care Professionals: Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure!
  • Policy Makers: Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need a cure!

World CML Day 2017 Toolkit: tools and resources

We have prepared a set of tools and resources to support our member organizations and other interested parties in spreading the message of awareness and to strengthen their voice.

Our World CML Day toolkit is a full support pack that includes:

  • Artwork for print and online use (posters & flyers):
    – Easy-to-customize posters & flyers with the same message for our key audiences (public, patients & relatives, HCPs, and policy makers)
    – All posters and flyers are available as easy-to-edit PowerPoint files, PDF and InDesign files.
    – Check if there is a translation in your language! If not, please translate the posters and flyers into your local language; include your organization´s logo and contact details, and add information about the World CML Day events taking place in your country. It´s really easy!
  • Photo-database:
    – The database includes photos covering different cultural backgrounds that allow you to adapt the posters & flyers to your reality.
    – In addition to the photos used in the poster and flyer templates (classified as “general”) you will find Africa-specific, Asia-specific and Ibero-America-specific photos.
    – Of course, you are free to insert your own pictures as well! The photos in the photo-database may serve as a source of inspiration!
  • 2017 Press release:
    – Feel free to translate the press release into your local language.
    – Add your own logo and quotes, and share information about all World CML Day events taking place in your country
    – The press release is easy to customize – and we hope many of you will make use of it!
  • Social Media guidelines:
    – Facebook and Twitter guidelines provide simple tips and tricks on how to promote World CML Day via your social medial channels, how to interact with the audience and get them involved.
    – For more details about how to communicate via social media please have a look at the Communication Guidelines
  • World CML Day 2017 activities worldwide
    – This year we encourage all of you to share with us your planned activities for World CML Day 2017 in advance. We will share your awareness information in our World  CML Day 2017 Map to show the global CML advocacy worldwide.
    – Send to our Programme Manager Celia Marin your photos, posters, relevant links, events, meetings and activities information, your local campaigns and we will share it in the map to improve the awareness, help us all learn from each other and share with other same-language groups!

For more information you can download the full WORLD CML DAY TOOLKIT TRAINING here.

The explanation of the 2017 World CML Day campaign is available on PDF or watching this video:
World CML Day 2017: Achievements and outlook

You can also watch these video-streams to make to support you to spread the message, increase awareness and help you advocate for CML patients around the globe!

Best practice examples on the use of the World CML Day Kit in 2015
World CML Day Training: Posters and planning
World CML Day Training session: Social Media use for World CML Day

Best practice
You can find more ideas in the section “Member´s campaign materials”.

This is a compilation of posters, flyers, press releases and other campaign material in multiple languages provided by members of the CML Advocates from 2015 “Today, Together” campaign promoting our World CML Day!

It´s a great source of inspiration – so don´t forget to have a look!

Last but not least, don´t forget to tag your publications with #WCMLDay17 #TodayTogether in our Social Media channels:

We hope that you will use all these materials in promoting World CML Day 2017 either by doing a solo campaign or incorporating it in your own campaigns and events. For World CML Day 2017 let´s all be united – TODAY, TOGETHER!

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