CML Horizons 2023 presentations on advocacy best practices

In addition to improving their capacity to meet the needs of their constituents, we hope that this meeting will optimize their advocacy activities. You will have the opportunity to present your advocacy experience at the best practice sharing session, which will be held as a plenary session.

This year’s CML Advocacy Best Practice session will take place on Friday afternoon, 3rd November 2023. In the abstracts, advocates will present very brief presentations and discuss patient advocacy in a concise, focused manner. A key objective of the session is to facilitate the sharing and discussion of best practices between participants. This session invites participants to submit abstracts on CML activities they participated in during the previous 12 months.

After reviewing the abstracts, the CML Abstract Committee will select the best practices that will be presented during the session.

Submitting an Abstract

To submit an abstract, you can find the form in our invitation email to register for CML Horizons or by clicking here on the form and presentation template.

Alternately you can contact Lidija at and she will send you the template and abstract form.