Photos from the CML Horizons Meeting 2023 are available HERE!

The CML Horizons 2023 conference was a highly anticipated and successful event that brought together a total of 131 registrants. Among the attendees, there were 19 newcomers, adding fresh perspectives to the CML community. Additionally, the conference attracted 93 virtual attendees, further expanding the reach and accessibility of the event.

This diverse gathering represented 75 organizations from 57 countries, showcasing the global impact and reach of the CML community. Participants came together with a shared goal of advancing advocacy efforts and improving the lives of individuals affected by CML.

All videos are now available for watch & download!

The conference commenced with an engaging opening session, featuring a warm welcome from Jan Geissler and a special video message from Ms. Bettina Stark-Watzinger, the Federal Minister of Research and Education. Rod Padua and Giora Sharf officially inaugurated the conference, setting the stage for the insightful discussions and presentations that followed.

Advocacy took centre stage throughout the conference, with the opening session highlighting exceptional examples of best practices from CML advocates worldwide. Presentations included the Access To Monitoring Tests At No Cost project by Pramod John George from Friends of Max, India, emphasizing the importance of accessible monitoring tests. Matthew Eby from Australia shared insights on leveraging digital solutions to create survivorship opportunities. Kawata Jun’ichi from IZUMI Japan shed light on the unique needs of adolescent and young adult (AYA) members.

The conference featured various sessions and workshops that provided valuable insights and knowledge. Participants had the opportunity to learn from esteemed speakers and engage in discussions on topics such as partnership for improving treatment access, engaging with scientific research, and the role of patient services in supporting CML patients.

The medical sessions delved into crucial aspects of CML treatment, including the problems being addressed, the future of treatment in low- and middle-income countries, and the latest developments in clinical trials. Esteemed speakers such as Michael Deininger, Hari Menon, and Andreas Hochhaus shared their expertise and engaged in panel discussions on the realistic hopes for advocates and the future development of CML.

In the afternoon session of the final day, the participants had the opportunity to hear from Fabio Efficace, joining virtually, who presented on “How is QoL in CML measured?”. This insightful presentation shed light on the importance of measuring quality of life in CML patients. Andreas Hochhaus followed with a talk on “Optimal Dose of TKI’s”, providing valuable insights into finding the right dosage for effective CML treatment. Šarūnas Narbutas wrapped up the session with a presentation on “QOL survey – patient-generated evidence”, emphasizing the significance of patient-reported outcomes in understanding the real-life impact of CML treatment.

The conference concluded with a poster prize ceremony, recognizing the outstanding work of organizations such as Maxcare Foundation from Nigeria, Friends of Max from India, Korea Blood Cancer Association from South Korea, and Fundación Esperanza Viva from Colombia.

We are pleased to inform you that all the sessions, presentations, and discussions from the CML Horizons 2023 conference have been recorded and are available for viewing. Below, you will find the links to access the videos, presentations, and a photo gallery capturing the memorable moments of the conference.

Thank you to all the attendees, both in-person and virtual, for their active participation and valuable contributions. We believe that the knowledge shared and discussions held during the conference will continue to benefit the CML community. Please feel free to share our resources below and include them in your social media platforms and websites, ensuring that the valuable insights and discussions from the CML Horizons 2023 conference are accessible to all.

Links to access the conference resources
Video recordings & Presentations:

FRIDAY November 3rd

Welcome to Germany: Jan Geissler – VideoPDF
Welcome video: “Ms. Bettina Stark-Watzinger, Federal Minister of Research and Education – Video
Opening of CML Horizons: Rod Padua – VideoPDF
Memories and minute of silence: Giora Sharf – VideoPDF

Advocacy session #1 – Best practice
Chairs: Jan Geissler & Catherine Moura da Fonseca Pinto

  1. Access To Monitoring Tests At No Cost, Friends of Max – India 
    Speaker: Pramod John George – VideoPDF
  2. Using a Digital Solution to Create Survivorship Opportunities, Leukaemia Foundation – Australia
    Speaker: Matthew Eby – VideoPDF
  3. Let’s make opportunities to meet AYAs CML members, IZUMI – Japan
    Speaker: Kawata Jun’ichi – VideoPDF
  4. Partnerships aimed at improving treatment access, Henzo – Kenya
    Speaker: Mapelu Elo – VideoPDF
  5. CML Advocacy In Scientific Research, Hematon – Netherlands
    Speaker: Jenny Borst – VideoPDF
  6. One Year of Patient Services in Morocco by Dar AL AMAL (House of Hope)
    Speaker: Bahija Gouimi – VideoPDF

Medical session #1 – Future of CML treatment
Chairs: Giora Sharf & Rod Padua

  • What problems are we trying to solve in CML?
    Free treatment or Treatment-Free?
    Speaker: Michael Deininger (virtual) – VideoPDF
  • What’s the future of CML treatment in LMICs?
    Speaker: Hari Menon – VideoPDF
  • New drugs in CML clinical trials – new data, updated data, any surprises?
    Speaker: Andreas Hochhaus – VideoPDF
  • Panel discussion
    • What can we realistically hope for as advocates?
    • How much development is happening in CML in the future?
      Panellists: Andreas Hochhaus, Menon Hari, Gerald Clements – Video

SATURDAY November 4th

Advocacy #2 – Parallel breakout sessions

  • Funding (beyond pharma): Open your minds!
    Moderated by: Jan Geissler


    • What are the challenges of diversifying beyond CML?
      Speaker: Evan Ole Mapelu – VideoPDF
    • There’s more to advocacy than industry grants: Where to look for financial support
      Speaker: Jan Geissler – VideoPDF
    • How to prepare a budget
      Speaker: Barbara Leonardi – VideoPDF
  • Influencing decision makers – Video discussion
    • Do we need to go beyond CML to change health policies?
      Speaker: Tamás Bereczky (intro talk & moderation) – Video
    • Examples from the community:
      • The Leukemia Care Levy Campaign
        Speaker: Charlotte Crowley – VideoPDF
      • CML-Armenia Patients’ Group
        Speaker: Karen Meliksetyan – VideoPDF

Advocacy #3 – Parallel breakout sessions

  • How to harness the power of digital tools (social media, Apps, ChatGPT)
    Speaker: Nicole Scully – Video
  • Measuring the impact of patient advocacy
    Speaker: Vicki Idinsky – VideoPDF

Medical session #2 – CML treatment in later lines and blast phase
Chairs: Lisa Machado & Eunice Orekha

  • Later lines: Next drug or allogenic transplant – what’s the choice?
    Speaker: Andreas Hochhaus – VideoPDF
  • CML in blast Phase
    Speaker: Philipp Le Coutre – VideoPDF
  • LMIC – how do we deal with later lines?
    Speaker: Hari Menon – VideoPDF

Advocacy session #4 – CML AN report and strategy plan
Moderated by: Denis Costello

  • Status report on CMLAN and its projects – Denis Costello – VideoPDF
  • CMLAN strategy plan – Denis Costello – Video
  • Breakout session with mentors
    Tamás Bereczky, Rod Padua, Jan Geissler and Jelena Čugurović


    • Your experience with the CMLAN
    • Your expectations of CMLAN
    • Prioritize – vote on the most important expectations
  • Report back at the end from each of the group’s

SUNDAY November 5th

Advocacy session #5 – What role do generics play in CML today?
Chairs: Zack Pemberton-Whiteley & Šarūnas Narbutas

  • Quality generics, copy drugs, counterfeit medicines: What CML advocates should know
    Speaker: Nicole Schröter – VideoPDF
  • Panel discussion – Zack Pemberton-Whiteley – Video
    • How do generics facilitate access to treatment?
      Speaker: Dipanwita Maiti
    • Newly developed generics: Myeloma vs. CML
      Speaker: Barbara Leonardi
    • How do we ensure the quality of generics?
      Speaker: Tamás Bereczky
    • Clinicians’ perspective on frequent generic switching
      Speaker: Andreas Hochhaus and Hari Menon – VideoPDF
    • Patient stories of switching to generic TKIs
      Speaker: Jelena Čugurović

Medical session #3 – Quality of Life
Chairs: Boris Machavariani & Jerry Clements

  • How is QoL in CML measured?
    • Different PROs in CML & Data from EUROSKI
      Speaker: Fabio Efficace – virtual – Video
  • Optimal Dose of TKI’s
    Speaker: Andreas Hochhaus – VideoPDF
  • QOL survey – patient generated evidence
    Speaker: Šarūnas Narbutas – VideoPDF

Report from regional sessions and presentation of new SC members – Denis Costello – Video

Best poster award, closing and farewell – Giora Sharf – Video